Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sexi Phone Sex Fetish

Yesterday I have one amazing phone sex call where I get to watch all the fun, a marry man call me telling me that he have this wild fantasy about being a cross dresser phone sex, and how obsess he's fetish panties phone sex was, I went truth to his wife lingerie that he was showing me, we find some very nice pieces, but he show me his favorite, was this divine black see truth push up corset, with sating lace in red, and the matching sating silk low cut panties, I ask him to put it on and show me, but something was missing so I ask to wear that black transparent pantyhose and slid does 8 inch high heels.

The fabric of the out fit was delicate and so fine, he was feeling all sensational and feminine, I said all that you need its a hot blond wig so he said to me I have it here Mistress, I said well put it on and grab the make up, we was talking about his favorite lingerie store and how sexy can look all the our fits on him, while I was doing his make up, we do a smoky eyes and peach blush and a sweet sexy beige gloss, he was felt so exotic and erotic that he got all exited and start stroking his big girlie cock and I ask him to wrap it with nice silky pantie that we see before in his wife dresser, the intensity of the orgasm was so high that we shot his big load all over the silky panties...

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Muatual Masturbation Phone Sex

ring,ring!!! Hello...
I have a serious addiction to black cock, well to tell you the true to any cock, I love to get in the phone and have nasty phone sex, I have so many toys to fill my tight pink cunt, I can't take the heat any longer and I fuck my self deep and hard, I told my lover over the phone listen my soaking wet pussy, it was so laud that he can hear how every inch of his black cock was digging in to my tight wet pussy, I love to hear him moan and enjoy my fucking, in my filthy mind was him, stroking his big fat dick mmm, felling my lips wrapping that fat cock tasting his precum dripping in my mouth, I almost felt his huge black cock coming out of my mouth
that how deep it was, I was riding that cock as my pleasure deciding how deep and how fast, he was just enjoying my body, he want me to use him like a piece of meat that he is, I was feeling my fat clit getting swollen I was so horny his huge black cock was the best for me, his picture in my mind was so nasty I can see him looking at me so eager whimpering for forgiveness! begging for my cunt, he want to eat me out so badly that he was welling to do anything, I have his cock so fucking hard that he can exploded anytime but I wasn't ready and he knows better that I want to feel more and more that delicious burn that his fat cock give to my tight pussy, its a the most amazing soreness and tingle that makes me more horny, I was able to fucking cum so good all over his fat black cock, I was feeling so over well and then was time for him to clean me up and have what his was so anxious to have, he was like a little kitty vicious looking for his milk while he was stroking his fat black dick at the same time, he was ready to have the best orgasm of his life sucking my full pussy so I ask to dump that sticky fat load of cum on my tingling pussy making him clean up all the mess.... Yes we laugh after, that how good we are for each other over the phone, he call me his Phone Sex Goddess, no one can please him more that I did,his wild fantasy was complete fulfill and he was able to back to work and enjoy the rest of his day ... Until our next call

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surpirse Cock Old Phone Sex

My hubby adore me!!, he knows that I have to go out with my tight pussy extra wet, I would let him pick up my out fit, I usually wear the most expensive ones went that he buy for me, my hubby would do anything for his hot horny wife.
We said good night you going with the boys, poker night (boring).
What you don't know its the your wife tonight it's going to fulfill your wild fantasy...
Went you walk to your bedroom all that you can see was a another man, stripping for your wife while she's watching eager!! omg!!! that fucking cock its huge!! you don't think your wife can even take it, huge mushrooms head full in veins, extremely thick and long. He don't even notice that you was there, he was too busy ripping apart your wife clothing, worshiping her just like you, she was there with that sexy soothing voice demanding to get fuck, his nasty tongue was all over they silky body, pressing her tight nipples with his lips, and his huge long fingers rubbing her nice tight wet pussy, he was feeling your wife sweet
clit get all swollen and her juices was dripping out of her pussy... he turn around gentle and look at you in the eyes with a slid smile he start stroking his huge cock, crossing for your mind how big he was how he going to get that abnormal huge cock inside to your tight pussy! he spread your legs holding them from your high heel, turn around and looking at you penetrate your wife pussy just with his fat cock head, was just the beginning and she already get laud, asking for to get deep fucked, all your can see its your wife getting fucked and you are there getting fucking turn on he want you to see that every single inch of his ginormous cock get in to that tight pussy, your wife was having multiples orgasm, he was pounding so hard, he was ready to drop that big sticky load on your wife pussy, he pull his cock and walk turns you and show you how just big load and your wife cum was mixing...

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Forced Strapon... I know you like it

I was having so much fun in my favored club
dancing drinking and of course always hunting (laughing), I love to tease that nasty boys
He thought was another lucky night of casual sex, I was trilled, I can't wait to heat home and have the real fun.
We start making out he was a good kisser do and Ia excellent pussy aether and tit sucker...
Things head up so quick but I want to enjoy a little more, so I got my soft rope and I start teasing him with it.
I tuck him to my special room where I have everything that you can imagine to play with... ropes and chains, dildos and strapons, we kiss and kiss he was all wet like me, his huge cock was hard as a rock and dripping precum, I'll have your pussy virgin ass,you better don't cum now nasty boy, I start using the rope and wrapped his body gentle with it, he was nervous but loving it, then I tuck my chains and lucks, his body was merciful, I was ready to do what I do best, satisfied my own pleasure, his cock was ready to exploded went but I don't let him cum he knew he would punish what he didn't know its that this it not a a one night stand, or casual sex, I want his ass and I want him now, I take my huge strap on and and i wrapped to my hips, he begged not to use it, wanting to get him self free, but chain and rope's didn't have mercy, his body was straggling went I take my huge fat cock and I penetrate his ass, was delicious to fill how tight his virgin asshole was, he was pleading and again I get deep down and fucked that juice ass again, with a satisfies smile he was looking at my hot body back and forth while he was screaming... I was so fucking exited using my huge strap on on my slave, watching his tight ass getting nicely stretch out, scram bitch, you're a such a whore beg for my fat dick, tell me how much you wanted, take it slut, fuck! now get down on your knees and take it all, spread them!

I'm going out tonight... call me

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Ready To Please Your Goddess, Slut ?

I know you haven't seen me too much! doesn't mean I was out of your life nasty pet, Im here and Im back nastier then ever, dont come and cry with me, I have a nasty cock to feet you pussy hole, and I nice slutty lingerie to that doesn't look good on you but I would dress you anyways!, come you little cock sucker, I know you been dreaming bout this moment, juicy cock!! getting in to nasty little tight pussy hole!
I have big plans got you nasty little whore, I been looking some guys hening out in back alley, and that give a nasty idea; You better have that eager mouth ready to suck hard and deep, because you would make monet for me tonight, I don't care what happen, if you need to bend over and get that pussy hole fucked you will, I will make you take it bare back just like a nasty slut the you are. You'r here nothing else but please me and make some good money for me, and I been thinking you can be a nice maid slut for my sex party, I have a the perfect out fit to you, no panties and hard nipples and the air (laughs,laughs)
Don't be shy, nasty little cock sucker, its nothing to be ashamed, no one would lauhg of you ... (yeah right, pathetic whore)..

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sensual Lover For Goddess Adriana’s Phone Sex Needs

Sensual and Erotic that will describe me, Mistress Adriana needs to be spoiled just like a Goddess that she’s … I request a lover with a big cock, full in energy and strong body, the one that can make my tight pussy wet, ready to please each fantasy of mine; Show me how much you want me, I need deep penetration…body worship and more … Call me, I know you’re that Nasty Lover that I been looking for.

Cock Control And Cock Tease Phonesex With Domina Adriana

It’s funny how much men bitch about being cock teased, while they all seem to love it so very much. :laughs: Oh sure, some who will read this will, laugh and say that’s its totally untrue, but that’s just the male ego trying to compensate for something it doesn’t want to admit. I mean, why is the cock tease the center of attention? Why do men always want what they can’t have… even when they know they really aren’t going to get it.

The answer is pretty simple… men just like it when I play with them. They like that feeling of me chasing, they like it most of all when the “prey” leads them on… especially when they’re the ones who I truly hunt and play with. :laughs:

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Domina Adriana